Kanishka Lohar

Also known as KAY

is a Mumbai based musician who started her journey early in 2021 with her first single, With You. The 27 year old believes in the magic of artistic expression and immerses herself in its liberation. Her expression stems from R&B, Soul and Melancholic Pop.


“Music can make you dance to emotions you thought you had to put to the grave"

Song List

With You - Kay

Wicked Games - Ray ft. Kay

Majestic - Jacqvils & Kay 

Leaving for good - Kay  

Na Tune Kaha - Kay

Unwell - Lil Halo ft Kay

Mein Jaau Kaha - Kay

Anyone - Kay

Gone - Lil Halo, Daanish ft. Kay

Butterflies - Kay

Russia - Kay

“I’ve never felt more connected with myself than when I’m writing a song, pouring my heart out onto paper”

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